Welcome to Shine

We are a classical Christian homeschool cooperative offering robust academic classes, diverse electives, and a collaborative learning environment for students in grades K-12.


At Shine, we wholeheartedly embrace the classical education model, seamlessly weaving the timeless wisdom of the past into the fabric of modern learning. In our approach, subjects are not isolated; rather, they interact harmoniously to ignite a profound comprehension of the world. Each subject taught at Shine overlaps, enabling students to grasp the bigger picture and interconnectedness of our world.


Our Christian worldview illuminates every subject we explore at Shine. We place God at the heart of all learning. Whether it's Math, Language, Science, History, Religion, or Art, each stems from Him and leads us back to Him as the Creator and Sustainer.


In our co-op model, families "cooperate" together to educate our children. Our classes are led by dedicated parent volunteers. We warmly invite one adult from each family to actively participate as a teacher or assistant each semester. This spirit of collaboration beautifully defines the essence of our cooperative learning community

You don't have
to Homeschool Alone

We believe we are better together. Shine unites families for collaborative learning, hands-on projects, and enriching discussions. Our supportive community brings fresh perspectives, nurtures parent-child relationships, and fosters lifelong friendships. With rigorous academics, vibrant extracurriculars, and team sports, we’re not just a cooperative – we’re a thriving community. 

Is Shine For You?​​

Shine is a thriving community where families come together to inspire and uplift one another, just as iron sharpens iron. Explore how you can be a part of our vibrant network of homeschooling families and embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment. Learn more about joining Shine today!"