“ God gave [them] knowledge and skill in both books and life”- Daniel 1:17​

We believe a strong, Christ-centered education is foundational to our calling to raise up our children to be lights that shine in this world. At Shine, parents cooperate together to provide our children with rich educational experiences that nurture their hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits. We do this predominantly through our Tuesday morning classes, which are taught by parents and include science, history, worldview, and fine arts. These morning classes are academic in nature, and consist of hands-on activities, thought-provoking discussions, and vivid teaching in a classroom setting. Every class is prepared with intention, imagination, and passion as our teachers strive to awaken wonder and curiosity in the minds of our students as they study their world and the God who made it. Tuesday morning classes are currently for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. We have plans to extend Shine to include older children in future semesters.


Shine science classes always consist of fun labs, hands-on experiments, and engaging projects that foster curiosity and wonder as we study the amazing world our God created. Students will rotate through three cycles (one per year), which include biology/earth science, astronomy/ecology, and anatomy/chemistry. The science semester often concludes with some type of personal project, presentation, academic bowl, or fun event.


Our history classes serve two purposes. They are designed to teach history through engaging lessons and activities, and to help students practice vital communication skills which will serve them in every facet of life. We believe providing opportunities to build strong communication skills is an important aspect in our mission to equip our children to be leaders in their future communities, defenders of their faith, and warriors for Christ. History class has proven to be a perfect place for students to naturally practice these skills.

Our history classes are on a three year rotation, in which students will study ancient history, medieval history, and US history.Teachers use dress up, pretend play, artifacts, show and tell, and creative writing to capture the imaginations of our students and bring history to life.

Younger students are given opportunities to articulate what they have learned in their studies, which helps them learn to gather their ideas and formulate thoughts into words.Older students are led through writing exercises which help them learn to take ownership of and defend their ideas, articulate their thoughts, and persuade their audiences.



Our worldview classes are taught from a Christian perspective and are offered at three age levels. Our very young students study Bible stories, older elementary aged students study the Christian worldview (Who is God? Who am I? Who is my neighbor?). Middle school aged students study logic and reasoning , critical thinking, discernment skills and apologetics. 

We understand the gravity of the spiritual and faith based content being taught in our worldview classes. We take every measure to ensure quality control regarding the content students are taught in class.One of these measures include using only approved, accredited, Christian curriculum. We also adhere to a strict doctrinal statement. While our Shine families represent a variety of local churches and denominations, we agree on our essential beliefs regarding God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, eternity, the Bible, and salvation. Teachers refrain from doctrinal topics other than the issues directly stated in our statement of faith

Fine Arts​

Fine arts classes consist of art appreciation and art history as we practice the fundamentals of art through fun activities and projects. Art classes often correspond with the academic topics being studied in their other classes. All Shine art classes point to God as the greatest artist, the Creator of all things, and us as his workmanship, and made in His image. Our art teachers strive to inspire awe and wonder at the creativity of God in our world.


Our Tuesday morning academic classes are designed in a way that allows students to participate in fun, engaging classes once a week, and study the content at home throughout the week. Every teacher provides a syllabus to outline the weekly topic to be studied in class as well as homework assignments or activities for students and parents to study at home.  Homework completion is highly recommended in order for students to glean the most from their Shine classes.

Parent Participation​

One parent/guardian per family is required to stay on campus for the entire duration of our Tuesday morning (academic) classes, and participate in some capacity, either as a teacher, teacher’s assistant, or in another valued role. This ensures the success of our co-op model.

Student Participation

Students who enroll in our Tuesday morning academic classes must participate in all four classes (you cannot pick and choose).Students who enroll in our classes are expected to use respectful behavior, participate in activities and discussions, and are strongly encouraged to complete any homework assignments or activities in order to glean the most from their classes.Shine is a 12 week commitment.Consistent attendance is vital for the co-op to run efficiently. One absence counts for a twelve percent loss in class instruction. It is not only hard on the student but is difficult for the teacher, especially those working on an on-going project.