Shine is a supplement to your own home school program. Shine is not meant to be the only curriculum you use. The classes offered each semester/year are those that parent/teachers volunteer to teach. The classes at Shine are designed to provide group learning opportunities in a fun and hands on, yet structured, academic environment. Shine is a tool- not school.

Parents have a vital and valued role at Shine. Shine is a homeschool cooperative, which means parents cooperate together to offer academic classes to our students. Every Shine parent contributes their own unique skill set, experiences,  talents, and abilities by teaching and assisting in our core classes. As a result of this investment of time, creativity, and effort by the parents, our children have access to a bounteous variety of learning opportunities each semester. To ensure the success of this co-operative model, one parent/guardian per family is required to stay on campus for the entire duration of our Tuesday morning (academic) classes, and participate in some capacity, either as a teacher, teacher’s assistant, or in another valued role. 

The safety of our students is our top priority. Our multi-faceted safety policy includes detailed plans for inclement weather, fire, and intruder situations and regular drills for our students and teachers.

Background checks are also required for all families registering for admittance to SHINE. This is a requirement for both spouses to complete along with the application process and is performed simply to help ensure the safety of the children attending SHINE. Elective teachers are also required to complete background checks. A parent is assigned to monitor the door each week during our classes to ensure no one is coming in or out that shouldn’t be. We require at least two parents to be present in each of our classes at all times.

Because of generous donations and fundraising efforts,  some partial scholarships are available each semester. Scholarships are allotted based on specific need and circumstance. You can apply for scholarships here.

Our Tuesday morning academic classes are designed in a way that allows students to participate in fun, engaging classes once a week, and study the content at home throughout the week. Every teacher provides a syllabus to outline the weekly topic to be studied in class as well as homework assignments or activities for students and parents to study at home. Each class is prepared with intention, imagination, and passion. With this in mind, each parent-teacher can expect to plan one class and, in return, receive the remaining syllabi for their enrolled student(s). Homework completion is highly recommended in order for students to gleen the most from their Shine classes.

Shine convenes at our host church from 8:40am-12:15pm for morning classes, 12:15-12:45 for lunch and 1:00-3:00 for afternoon elective classes each Tuesday and 1:00-5:30 for Thursday electives from September through November and January through April. Tuesdays, students rotate through four 45-minute classes with a 30-minute lunch period in the middle of the day, and have the option to participate in afternoon electives. Thursdays, students have the opportunity to participate in afternoon electives. Shine will distribute a schedule of Field Trip opportunities to be taken by interested Shine families throughout the year. 



Schedule of Classes 

Morning Assembly 8:40-8:55a 

First Class Period 9:00-9:45a 

Second Class Period 9:50-10:35a 

Third Class Period 10:40-11:25a 

Fourth Class Period 11:30-12:15p 

Lunch 12:15-12:45p 

Tuesday Afternoon Activities 12:55-3:00p 

Thursday Afternoon Activities 1:00-5:30p

Each parent is assigned to a role as either teacher or teacher’s assistant during our Tuesday morning classes. You will fill the same role for the entire semester. 


The responsibilities of a teacher include designing a 12 week syllabus for your class outlining the topics to be studied each week, in-class activities, and homework assignments. Teachers are responsible for planning each class, obtaining supplies (to be paid for by Shine class fees), and implementing lessons in an engaging and hands-on way each week. Our Shine teachers prayerfully plan each lesson for their specific group of students.. Since we all want our children to gain much from our Shine classes, it is a standard for Shine teachers to invest time, effort, creativity, passion, and imagination into preparing exceptional learning experiences for our students. First year families are not required to take on a teaching role. 

Teachers’ Assistants:

The role of the teachers’ assistant does not require any planning or preparation work, but is still vital to the success of Shine. Teachers’ Assistants are present in class each week. They help with classroom management, assisting the main teacher and students as needed, and communicating with parents.

Shine enrollment opens for the fall and spring semesters before each semester begins. Please sign up below if you would like to be notified when enrollment is open. 

We partake in many field trips and special events throughout the school year. Field trips participation is completely optional.

Parent are welcome, but not required to stay for electives.

Elective classes are taught by paid instructors from the community who are experts in their fields. 

Many of our Shine students also participate in Epic. Each family should communicate with their Epic teacher about their personal expectations and requirements.

Shine students and parents wear a Shine polo shirt (which we provide to each person) with khaki pants, skirt, shorts on bottom to each class. We have observed the many benefits of embracing this dress code. including increased focus for students, increased safety, and a sense of community for our students.

Shine offers nursery and preschool for younger siblings of registered Shine students.  

Parental participation is required for our Tuesday morning academic classes. One parent per family is required to stay on campus and volunteer in some capacity for the duration of our classes (Tuesdays 8:45-12:15). Parents are not required to stay for afternoon electives.

Students who enroll in our classes are expected to use respectful behavior, participate in activities and discussions, and are strongly encouraged to complete any homework assignments or activities in order to glean the most from their classes.

Consistent attendance is vital for the co-op to run efficiently. One absence counts for a twelve percent loss in class instruction. It is not only hard on the student but is difficult for the teacher, especially those working on an on-going project.

Only two absences are allowed each semester, barring a family emergency or major illness or special Board considerations.

School age children may NOT attend classes when a parent is absent. Rare exceptions can be made if another participating parent is willing to take responsibility for your children. Please make every effort for either you or your husband/grandparent to attend with your children and fulfill your co-op duties. 

Shine is a 12 week commitment. Once a commitment is made to the co-op through registration, barring a family illness or emergency, we will be counting on you for the duration of the 12 week semester. Should you change your mind about participation mid-semester, your family will be unable to reapply for two years. Once the Family Registration Fee and Application have been received and processed, ANY withdrawal from SHINE in Ada before the final day of classes for the coinciding academic year will result in the following consequences: 

  • You will forfeit both your registration fee and your class fees.* 
  • You will not be permitted to reapply to join SHINE for two years.** 

This policy is in place out of respect for our teachers and student body. Shine registration renews each semester (12 weeks).