At Shine, we offer carefully selected classes that align with our vision and help our students meet state graduation requirements, except for math and language arts which are completed at home. We provide a transcript and graduation ceremony for our graduating seniors. However, it’s important to understand that Shine is a tool to enhance your homeschooling experience, not a school. Our teachers provide instruction and hands-on learning experiences, but it’s up to each family to ensure their student gets the most out of each class.

Parents are an integral part of Shine. As a homeschool cooperative, parents work together to offer academic classes to our students, each contributing their unique skill set, experiences, and talents. To ensure the success of our co-operative model, one parent per family is required to participate in some capacity during our Tuesday morning classes.

At Shine, the safety of our students is a top priority. We have detailed plans and regular drills for inclement weather, fire, and intruder situations. All families and elective teachers must complete a background check. We also require at least two parents to be present in each class and assign a parent to monitor the door.

Because of generous donations and fundraising efforts,  some partial scholarships are available each semester. Scholarships are allotted based on specific need and circumstance. You can apply for scholarships here.

Our Tuesday morning classes offer engaging weekly topics and homework assignments that students can study at home. Teachers provide a syllabus outlining each week’s content. Homework completion and participation is required for optimal learning.

At Shine, parents are assigned to either a teaching or teaching assistant role for the entire semester. Teachers design syllabi, plan and teach classes in an engaging way, and obtain supplies. Teachers’ assistants help with classroom management, assist the main teacher, and communicate with parents. First-year families are not required to take on a teaching role.

Shine enrollment opens for the fall and spring semesters before each semester begins. Please sign up below if you would like to be notified when enrollment is open. 

We partake in many field trips and special events throughout the school year. Field trips participation is completely optional.

Yes, parents stay to help assist during elective classes.

Elective classes are taught by paid instructors from the community who are experts in their fields. 

Many of our Shine students also participate in Epic. Each family should communicate with their Epic teacher about their personal expectations and requirements.

Shine provides a polo shirt for each student and parent to wear with khaki pants, skirt, or shorts to every class. This dress code promotes increased focus and safety for students, while fostering a sense of community.

Shine offers nursery and preschool for younger siblings of registered Shine students.  

Parents are required to volunteer during our Tuesday morning academic classes, while students are expected to participate respectfully, complete homework assignments, and actively engage in activities and discussions. 

Consistent attendance is crucial for efficient co-op functioning. One absence equals a twelve percent loss in class instruction, which is difficult for both students and teachers. Each semester allows a maximum of two absences, except for family emergencies, major illnesses, or special Board considerations. When a parent is absent, school-age children cannot attend unless another participating parent takes responsibility for them. Make every effort for at least one parent to attend with your children to fulfill your co-op duties.

Shine is a 12-week commitment and once registered, we count on your family’s consistent attendance. Withdrawal before the final day of classes will result in forfeiting your fees and being unable to reapply for two years. This policy is in place to respect our teachers and students.